A Chance to be Seen

Can I quantify what we do with our young people?  Not all the time, what I can tell you is that the staff of Outreach is there to help our young people bear good fruit.  It is not fast, nor simple but it is true.  I was blessed to watch Lawrence Dean be interviewed by 3 separate news affiliates, rub elbows with Mayor Hogsett and give an incredible speech at the Project Indy press conference.   Lawrence embodies the walk of life transformation.   Watching him be thanked and congratulated by so many, brought me to tears (again).   Change for our youth happens through slow, intentional, one-on-one , personal and loving interactions.  Good or bad, we give our youth a platform to be seen and heard.  Well on February 16th, Lawrence Dean was seen by the City of Indianapolis!

-Anthony Dumas; In-House Manager



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