About Us



    Outreach is a faith-based nonprofit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, that reaches out to homeless young men and women (14-24) with the compassion of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to equip and empower these at-risk young people to achieve stability and life transformation.

    Here’s how we work:

    Homeless youth come to Outreach when they have hit rock bottom. Abandoned, abused, and forgotten, they live on friends’ couches, in shelters, hotel rooms, abandoned buildings, even the street. Many hope they can just make it to tomorrow, much less dream about graduating from high school or going to college. They are isolated, alone, and at a crossroads.

    But something happens when they meet someone from Outreach . . . they discover hope.

    It might be the first time in their life that someone simply wants to be their friend, not use them or abuse them. It might be the first time that they experience a caring family environment. It might be the first time that they have ever heard that they are valuable, that they have a purpose, and they have something to offer someone else. It might be the first time they have ever felt truly loved.

    And when someone knows that they are loved, other things begin to happen.

    They start loving others back. They start paying attention to their neighborhood and the world around them. They start longing for a better way of life. They start thinking about their future. They start studying and working hard. They start planning for success.