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  • What does your gift go to…BFGIndy!

    Here is what your support goes to check out the video below.  Striving to serve every homeless young person that comes to us since 1996!  Thanks to our youth and volunteers for helping us get the word out about Brackets For Good 2016 – click here to support us! Having fun during morning Drop-In Time.  

  • Daily Update for Brackets For Good 2016

    Players were busy over the night and put up some serious hoops that took Outreach to the lead in our bracket.  We have a total of 396 points. With a little over 3 days left the battle is still fierce.  We appreciate your support, sharing with your friends, posting via social media and helping us make […]

  • Brackets For Good Update

    Here is the update on how we are doing in the 2016 Brackets For Good Tournament.  We are a little behind but have a 4 days left.  We could really use your help in getting us to the next round.  The best way for you to help is to promote Outreach via your social media […]

  • Thinking About Pain

    As mentioned last month, in 2016 each staff member of Outreach is writing about their perspective here at Outreach.  This month Kristin Fuller is brining her perspective and her heart. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about pain.  Not the kind of pain you feel when you stub your toe.  No.  I mean the deep […]