• 20 Years in the Making…Austen’s Story

    If you’ve ever been to our drop-in center, you’ve likely met Austen Tibbetts-Priester (his nickname is “ATP”). If he knows you, you’ve probably been greeted by his big hugs, sweet grin, and contagious laughter. He’s courageous and kind, growing in boldness and wisdom. Austen is going to be our speaker at graduation this year. He’s […]

  • Raise money for Outreach while dining at Prime 47…

    On Monday evening Outreach celebrated their 20th Birthday at the fantastic Prime 47 Restaurant Indianapolis. Prime 47 has generously offered to keep the party going by offering to donate 20% of your total bill back to Outreach. Here’s what you need to do: make a reservation and dine by June 25th and when you make your reservation make sure […]

  • Elements Youth Lunch and Learn

    For the past couple of summers, Elements Financial Credit Union has been coming down to the Outreach house to provide financial wellness coaching to Outreach youth. Yesterday, while eating pizza, the youth had a conversation around the topic of credit. For many youth this is a critical conversation as many have their credit rating compromised at no fault of […]

  • Surprises over 20 years…

    There have been many surprises over the last 20 years…some good, some bad and some indifferent. Discovering that there are thousands of homeless students in high schools was one of those surprises. Outreach has served in IPS, Pike Township and other Indianapolis high schools for over a decade through the G.O.A.L program (Graduation, Occupation, Address […]

  • A day in the life audio tour

    Today, instead of going home after church for lunch, some of New City’s church members went on Outreach’s ‘day in the life’ app audio tour. Participates drove around Indianapolis’s downtown area and stopped at six places that homeless teens and young adults visit often. While stopped at the six places, they listen to a short […]

  • Ronald Blue and Co. Outreach’s 20th Birthday Party Title Sponsor!

    Announcing Ronald Blue and Co. as the title sponsor for Outreach’s 20th Birthday Party! In this months #thisisoutreach podcast we sat down with Scott Goldsmith from Ronald Blue and Co. to talk about the sponsorship and the work of Ronald Blue and Co.   Why does Ronald Blue and Co. invest into the community? {SG} “Just as […]

  • Twenty years in the making: LaMar’s story

    As Outreach celebrates its 20th Anniversary we have been sharing stories from our youth from then to now.  Here is a another story from a former youth of what Outreach meant to him… Listening to LaMar’s story of transformation was an incredible privilege. It’s not every day one gets to sit with a man who, […]

  • Indianapolis Professional Association 30th Annual Achievement Breakfast

    The Indianapolis Professional Association held its 30th Annual Achievement Breakfast at IUPUI.  Three of Outreach, Inc.’s youth were awarded a book scholarship in the amount of $500 at the breakfast.  These young ladies have maintained a high GPA in academics, despite their challenge of homelessness.  Kudos to organizations such as this that provide opportunities for […]

  • It’s the simple things…

    Homelessness is a difficult and diverse issue. At times at Outreach we can feel so overwhelmed on how to best help. Then sometimes a group like the one from Guerin Catholic High School comes down to clean the Outreach house and leaves a beautiful simple reminder. The reminder that doing the little things well creates a […]