Panhandling Podcast

We have been doing some internal on panhandling in Indianapolis. Mike got some hands on experience with our Outreach Worker, Ryan, when they went out one day and panhandled to see what it was like for our youth who participate in panhandling. Mike also got the chance to interview several different organizations around the city to hear what their experience has been with people panhandling. Check out the podcast to hear all about his experience.

Part 1 – Where in the world do we start?!?

Part 2 – Mike literally goes out and panhandles on the streets Indianapolis with Outreach Worker Ryan Hayes

Part 3 – What does the public think about panhandling? Mike and his wife, Kirsten, talk through the results of over 280 surveys

Part 4 – How does panhandling impact business? A conversation with Downtown Indy’s President Sherry Seiwart

Part 5 – The frontlines…service providers. A conversation with SORRT Team Coordinator Melissa Burgess

Part 6 – Why do you panhandle? A conversation with a person who panhandles.