What We Offer



Helping youth achieve success in the areas of Employment, Housing, Mental Health,Transportation, Education, Physical Needs, Childcare, Aftercare, and Financial Literacy is our daily mission at Outreach.

We do this through the following programs:



    Life change can begin with the basics like an ID, birth certificate, Social Security card, transportation, job, housing leads, and referrals for medical programs. Through these services, case managers and youth build a trusting relationship. Together they work through struggles, develop a life plan, and search out vocational training and educational programs.


    Every week, nearly 100 youth walk through our Drop-In Center, where they can hang out in a safe environment, enjoy a hot meal, use laundry and shower facilities, access our food and clothing pantries, look for jobs online in the computer lab, and discover healthy Christ-centered relationships with Outreach staff and volunteers. Visit our Volunteer page to learn how you can serve at the Drop-In Center.


    G.O.A.L. (Graduation, Occupation, Address, Lifestyle) is a unique education program requested by the Indiana Department of Education to improve the graduation rate for at-risk/homeless high school students in Indianapolis.



    It takes many resources to effectively help homeless youth. Shelter, job training, and employment referrals all happen with the valuable coordination of referral partners. Thanks to this network, Outreach serves over 400 youth each year.


    Our Street Outreach team works personally in the hidden places where homeless and runaway youth live: the streets, wooded areas, bridge underpasses, parks, and abandoned houses. As we meet the youth on the street, we provide a listening ear and address their immediate physical needs of food, clothing, first aid, and safety, all the while trying to build lasting and transformative relationships.