Impact of our Mission

As the holiday season is upon us, we asked Outreach staff to reflect on a recent experience in their role and how that experience helped bring our missions statement to life. Former volunteer and now Strategic Partnerships Manager, Beth Hahn, shared her experience with us:

“I first engaged with Outreach as a Ladies’ Night volunteer 4 years ago. During my time as a volunteer, I witnessed first hand how Outreach was a safe space and home for many youth on the streets. I saw how limited structural systems seem to fail the youth, but Outreach was a consistent space for safety and community. As I entered into a more administrative behind the scenes role [Strategic Partnerships Manager] this past year, I noticed that a few of the youth I worked with were still coming around for a safe community. They had been in and out of steady jobs and living situations over the past few years. Outreach’s caseworkers have journeyed with them through life’s ups and downs. In life, progress and gaining self-sufficiency is not a simple process. There are successes and failure- but Outreach exists to be that safe welcoming place that our youth can come to anytime throughout their journey towards stability and life transformation.”



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