A Special Gift

This time of year is busy for non profits.  We are running our Year End Campaigns and reflecting on the success stories and highlights of the previous year.  Here at Outreach we love to reflect on the relationships we’ve built.  Here is just one example of  a relationship we have built and a beautiful example of the generosity we have received… and it came from an 11 year old young lady in Brooklyn, NY!

In August 2014, our COO Jay had his 11-year old niece, AC, come from Brooklyn to visit her aunt and uncle for the first time in Indianapolis.  Aunt Joan brought her to Outreach to see Jay, have lunch, and get a tour of where Uncle Jay works.  During lunch Jay shared about what we do at Outreach in words that that he hoped an 11-year old could understand.  Quite honestly she seemed much more interested in her chicken nuggets than what Uncle Jay was sharing.  About 5 months later we were back together for Christmas week and AC received her Christmas gift from Grandpa and Grandma…$50 for her to spend on herself and $50 to give to a charity of her choice.
In January 2015 Uncle Jay was opening the office mail and here was an envelope from Brooklyn with a $100 check and a letter from AC.  The letter said…




This summer I visited Outreach and I learned what it was doing to help kids in Indianapolis and all around.  Once I knew what you are doing, I right away decided where my $50 from Grandma and Grandpa were going.  I also knew that I was going to give my $50 to you too.  It is amazing what you do and all the lives that you have saved, helped and led into a better direction.  There is no better place for me to give this money than Outreach.



Anna Claude


When Jay shared this story with our team he said “I was overwhelmed to not only know that AC was listening and understanding the work that we do at Outreach, but also to see such an incredible depth of generosity from an 11-year old.”

This letter was a great reminder of the beautiful spirit of giving in all of us- no matter what your age!


Yes. I want to learn more about the ministry of Outreach.

Yes. I want to volunteer.

Yes. I want to offer a financial Gift of Hope.



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