Celebrating the Achievements Of Our Youth

Every once in a while we have a happy surprise at Outreach in regards to our youth.  Eric was a youth that became homeless earlier this year and started coming to Outreach for services, living with one of the other youth at Outreach.  Eric is talkative and fun to be with, and spoke regularly of going to North Park University in Chicago.  I was particularly surprised by this because my sons, Micah and Noah, were planning on going to the very same college.  Not really sure what to believe, Outreach staff were encouraged, hoping what Eric was saying was true.  Lo and behold on registration day at North Park, Eric came running up to me as I was signing up my older son at the registration tent.  Giving me a big hug, he shared how he came up on the Greyhound bus and was in the same dorm building as both my sons.  Not only is Eric in the same dorm building, he is in a room right next door to my younger son Noah.  And not only is he in the same dorm but Eric has become friends with my sons Micah and Noah.  What an awesome and amazing story of how things can go in a very good direction for some of our youth!  Pray for Eric that he would have all that he needs while attending school and that he will be able to manage his time and energies in doing his school work.  Celebrate with me on Eric’s achievement! – Brad Grammer, case manager and resource coordinator

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