Every Penny Counts

“In the year 2015, I made a commitment that whatever money I found on the street, I would put in a jar designated for Outreach. During 2016, I followed the same practice. Sometimes we don’t even think about how much money can be gained by what is found everywhere we go. In 2015, I was able to save up $19.62 to donate to Outreach. This year, I was able to save $14.62. Here are a couple of examples of where I found money: a $1 bill on the ground by a gas station while walking my dog; walking downtown to pick up bus passes for the youth, finding a nickel or a dime here and there. I believe that if I make a commitment to put that money towards those in need, God will bless by showing me all over the streets of Indy where money can be found. What if just 20 of you made the same commitment. That would mean $292.40 could be given to help homeless youth just off of the streets of Indianapolis! Lost money could be put to good use. I invite you to join me for the year 2017 and see what God provides. For those of you who don’t have room in your budget to make a regular donation to Outreach, this is one way you can still contribute. For those of you with kids, they will love being a part of something important. I also find that they see money quicker than I do.  Every penny counts when helping those in need.”

– Brad Grammer, In-House Case Manager

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