Hospitality Greeter Volunteer Opportunity

Hospitality Greeter

Outreach, Inc is a faith-based nonprofit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, that reaches out to homeless young men and women (14-24) with the compassion of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to equip and empower these at-risk young people to achieve stability and life transformation.


Relationship is one of Outreach Inc.’s core values and this role will allow us to better provide a relational environment and connection for our youth, donors, volunteers and the general public. We want all who enter the doors of Outreach Inc. to know that they are loved and welcomed. Your presence and service will allow us to accomplish this.


What will I be doing? Outreach Inc. is looking for a compassionate, hospitable and detailed person who can greet the various different people who come to the front door of our house. As a Hospitality Greeter you will perform the following important duties:

  • Answer the door/phone and respond to what each individual may need.
  • Help with basic admin tasks as needed.
  • Help keep drop in center neat and organized.

Time needed of me? 4 hours

What shifts are available? – Weekly or bi-weekly reoccurring schedule

  • Monday 12:30pm – 4:00pm
  • Tuesday 12:30pm – 4:00pm
  • Thursday 12:30pm- 4:00pm
  • Friday 9:00am – 12:30pm
  • Friday 12:30pm – 4:00pm


What is the address where I will be volunteering? 2416 East New York St. Indianapolis, 46201 (Just east of downtown).


Will I be trained? YES… we will equip and empower you to feel comfortable and confident to respond to whomever rings the Outreach Inc. Program Center door bell.


Are there any physical requirements to volunteer? No.


Who do I contact if I want to get involved or ask questions? Mike Elliott or (317) 951-8886 ext. 2115