It takes a village to get to 20 years of age… An open invitation to the ‘village’ of Outreach.

Tonight, we had the privilege to go and speak with the Stephen’s Ministers at St. Luke’s church. It was a privilege because this incredible group has served the work of Outreach for well over a decade. Most young people and staff of Outreach would not know who this group is, but they have faithfully given and supported Outreach’s holiday dinners and many other areas of need. 

After speaking, many people came and shared how much Outreach meant to them and how much they valued the mission. There was even one person who helped fund Outreach to get started back in 1996!

It is groups like Stephens Ministers that have allowed Outreach the opportunity to serve homeless teens and young adults for the last 20 years here in Indianapolis. The beautiful and mysterious tapestry of God is truly something to behold!

We could share of hundreds of other incredible groups and individuals just like this one who make up the village of Outreach, both past and present. If you are, have been or want to learn more about being part of this ‘village’, we invite you to come and celebrate the 20th birthday of Outreach at Prime 47 Restaurant (Downtown) on June 20th. 

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