Outreach Advances to Round 3 in Brackets for Good – #BFGIndy

If you have not heard Outreach advanced to the third round in the Brackets for Good tournament.  For those of you that were able to put up shots thank you very much! A special thank you to Prime 47 for offering the sweet deal for $150 gift card.  We will be notifying the winner shortly!  We have another tough bracket in Round 3.  Your support and cheers are appreciated.

Here are four ways you can help us continue in the tournament:

  1. Share this link on your social media. Over 40% of the donations in the last round came in from first time supporters to Outreach.
  2. Like and share our posts of Facebook and Twitter about Brackets for Good – #BFGIndy. I have linked them for your convenience.
  3. Invite others to participate. An email to a few co-workers, family and friends goes a long way.
  4. If you able another gift would be great!

Again thank you so much for helping us advance!

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