Outreach Prom Ticket and Scholarship Fund

“We have the most youth we have ever had graduating from high school this year – 38 to be exact.  Another thing that comes along with high school is your senior prom.  This is something that many of us looked forward to prior to leaving high school.  For many of our youth this is not a possibility.  Outreach Indiana is trying to make that different this year.  We have had some prom dresses donated for our young ladies and someone provided resources  for our guys to get some help too!  There is one thing outstanding and that is the ticket price.  I am reaching out to my LinkedIn Community to ask for help in sending some homeless students to Prom.  You can give by clicking on the link below .  If we raise more than what we need we will apply those funds to the Outreach Scholarship which helps our high school graduates attend a post-secondary academic or vocational opportunity. Feel free to message me with any questions.” Eric Howard CEO & Founder

Here is a video that the Indy Star made that shows what graduating means to our students – CLICK HERE