Reflections on 20 years of transformation…

  • As Outreach, Inc. celebrates its 20th anniversary we would like to take this time to reflect on the outstanding work that the organization has done. Specifically, the GOAL Program continues to thrive in its endeavors to assist youth with graduating from high school, moving into post-secondary education and/or a career field that will them with becoming productive members of society. Additionally, the GOAL Program seeks to equip homeless youth with becoming self-sufficient in an effort to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty that they are already engaged in. This academic year has been a special one for the GOAL program as many youth have taken great strides toward walking into their destiny and basking in the glow of Jesus Christ in their lives. Everything that has been accomplished has happened as a result of the Outreach Staff’s continued desire to serve others and to operationalize the three core values of Sustainability, Advocacy and Relationship.

  • relationship iconWhere Relationship is concerned, the GOAL Program is excited about the ongoing communication and interactions shared by the GOAL Case Manager and “Darryl.” “Darryl, turned 18 during the course of the school year and was told by his mother that he needed to leave her home since he was now an adult. “Darryl” was able to move in with his grandmother; but, he serves more as a caregiver in that relationship than he does a youth attempting to mature. The GOAL Case Manager has worked hard to assist “Darryl” with completing tasks that will assist him as a youth and as a caregiver. The GOAL Case Manager assisted “Darryl” with getting a Driver’s License Learner’s Permit, an ATM card for his bank account, applying for and being accepted to three different colleges and working through various relationship issues that he had with other people in his life. “Darryl” and the GOAL Case Manager regularly speak about each of these topics as well as other topics as they may arise, working toward successful and positive resolutions whenever an issue presents itself. “Darryl” knows that he can call the GOAL Case Manager and get sound advice and assistance whenever he needs it; and, more importantly, the relationship they share ensures “Darryl” trusts that the GOAL Case Manager to give him realistic feedback and instruction about how to move forward in life. “Darryl” has stated he desires to maintain a relationship with the GOAL Case Manager beyond his completion of high school.

  • advocasy iconWhere Advocacy is concerned, the GOAL Program is proud of the accomplishments that “Ronald” has been able to report this year. “Ronald” was awakened by his mother one morning and told that she was moving out of state and that he would not be going with her. Left to fend for himself, “Ronald” moved in with an older brother and began to seek opportunities to become employed and work toward the successful completion of his Junior year of high school in an effort to be on track to graduate on time, the following year. “Ronald” presented with a strong desire to attend college to study architecture after high school, but did not have much exposure to very many colleges or universities. The GOAL Case Manager worked with “Ronald” and encouraged him to apply for a national sorority sponsored Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Tour that traveled through five states and visited 10 colleges and universities. The GOAL Case Manager used his contact in the sorority to ensure that “Ronald” would be selected to attend the trip after completing a tour application and interview. “Ronald” did an outstanding job in the interview and was excited to learn that he would be going on the trip. The GOAL Case Manager was able to secure funds from Outreach to pay for the trip and to give “Ronald” per diem to pay for his meals while he was away. This experience gave “Ronald” great insight into life on a college campus and more information about the various architecture programs that exist around the country. As a result, “Ronald” is better informed and able to make a wise decision about where he would like to attend college after he graduates from high school next year.

  • sustainability iconWhere Sustainability is concerned, the GOAL Program is proud to tout the accomplishments of “Steven” who has been shuffled from household to household the majority of his life after his father died, while also dealing with some mental health concerns. “Steven” was initially resistant to attend treatment meetings; but, after having come into contact with the GOAL Case Manager, and receiving encouragement to actively participate in his treatment he did so and was successfully discharged from the Intensive Outpatient Treatment program that he had been enrolled in. “Steven” was afforded an opportunity to interview for a job with a local Fortune 500 company and after being coached by the GOAL Case Manager on how to interview, dress, and maintain ongoing communication he was hired in a High School Intern role. “Steven” has been working for the company for two months and due to his diligence and hard work, he has been offered a full-time position with the company starting this summer. The company has been very supportive of “Steven” and has also gone to great lengths to ensure he feels appreciated while also having the opportunity to earn a living and learn life lessons along the way. Outreach is happy to have had an opportunity to positively impact “Steven’s” life to this point and looks forward to hearing and reading many positive things from and about him in the future.

  • These are just three of the many stories and situations that Outreach Case Managers have encountered this year, but they are three stories that are highly impactful and show the work and dedication that all of Outreach’s Staff puts forward on a daily basis! We are all proud of this work and look forward to Outreach continuing to serve homeless youth for another 20 years and beyond!

    By: Johannon Tate – Outreach G.O.A.L. Case Manager

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