Ronald Blue and Co. Outreach’s 20th Birthday Party Title Sponsor!

Announcing Ronald Blue and Co. as the title sponsor for Outreach’s 20th Birthday Party!

In this months #thisisoutreach podcast we sat down with Scott Goldsmith from Ronald Blue and Co. to talk about the sponsorship and the work of Ronald Blue and Co.


Why does Ronald Blue and Co. invest into the community?

{SG} “Just as we want to encourage our clients to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to them, we also want to be good stewards. And we think that being generous and investing in our local community is an important part of that stewardship process.”

What does it mean to Ronald Blue & Co. to invest in Outreach Inc.?

{SG} “I’ve observed that two of the primary reasons that people typically give to an organization are because of a belief in the importance of the work that the organization is doing and/or based on a relationship with individuals who are involved in the organization. With Outreach, we’re batting two for two. The work that Outreach is doing in our community is really important work…giving hope to homeless teens is a very tangible way to be the hands and feet of Christ. After all, the reality is that some of the teens that Outreach serves have played baseball with our kids or are walking the same halls of the schools where our kids attend. Add to that the relationships that many of us have with Eric Howard and other Outreach staff (like you), it’s just a great connection.”

20th birthday save the date

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