Slow and steady…and working hard

Last week John and I drove to the license branch, so he could take his permit test.   I stayed in the van while he took his test.  The next thing I know I see John waving and giving me a thumbs up sign.  He passed his permit test!  Even though it took him a few tries, he was so excited.  On the way home, he began to detail his Outreach history.  He told me how he couldn’t wait until he aged out, so he could give back to Outreach especially since we helped him get his very first job.  His first job was with ESG Security.   He continued to tell me how it helped him learn how to work.

John wanted to know if we had any good leads on employment.   (This is the part I really love.)  He was not looking for a job because he was unemployed or recently fired.  He is one month away from celebrating his one year anniversary at his current job and he is looking to become employed somewhere that will look to give him advancement opportunities and better pay.  If I remember correctly, isn’t that how it’s supposed to be done?  I totally remember my mother telling me, “If you are looking for a job, don’t quit the one you have until you are hired at the next job.” John is working hard to get his own place and car.  It makes me so proud when you see a young man have faith in himself.  I know there are some guys who come to drop to just hang out.  John is not that way; there are times he comes by to just say hello and check on us.  That is totally genuine for John, he is just a good guy.  In our world here at Outreach, the change we see in our youth comes on their individual timeline.  John’s timeline is progressively slow and steady.  Nothing over the top or exciting.  John just understands that hard work is what it takes to better your position in life and that is what he is doing.  Working hard!  Please pray for John.  Pray for guidance and success in finding a better job.

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