So Much More Than Case Management

These are the words of a female Case Worker here at Outreach. 

This week I worked until 11:00 each night. I spent hours on the phone with lawyers and social workers. And a miracle has happened.

Some of you know that the hardest part of this job for me is watching the babies of our girls get swept into the crazy world that our youth live in.

Well, tonight I had Thanksgiving dinner with a family, the Martins*,  that I knew ten years ago when I taught at a small Christian school in Pennsylvania. Around the table with us was a special guest of honor… a beautiful baby girl!  A baby girl that was born just days before to 2 of our clients, Steve and Sara*. Now this precious girl is at Thanksgiving with her adoptive family.

Because Outreach has been a place of deep trust for Sara and Steve, they allowed me to guide them through this process. Five weeks after she talked to me about it, Sara delivered her baby. The Martin family took 24 hours and wrapped up their home study and then 12 more to drive here. Last night that precious baby went “home” with them to their hotel.

I was struck at several moments at the vast difference of the Thanksgivings. Before I left to go to my friends’ in Anderson to join them, I dropped Steve and Sara off at a feeding near the mall. But their baby was warm and snuggled and fought over all night. Deep deep sadness with also the most beautiful contrasting joy all in the same day.

I’m so thankful to have watched this process. To be a connector. I’m thankful for all of Outreach, down to the smallest hour given by a volunteer, for making Outreach a place where the deep sadness of brokenness can be met with joy.

Sara said today she has no regrets and she has never seen God so clearly answer prayer as He has for her daughter to have a stable home. The Martins are beautiful people. They loved Sara and Steve well, and Sara said she can’t think of better people to give her daughter what she can’t. We all spent about four hours together  in a small hospital room together last night.

I’m overwhelmed by the reality of it all. And that Thanksgiving was the next day.

*all names changed




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