Sunday Faith + Action 12/3/2017


This year Outreach staff/volunteers have had over 11,000 life-transforming face to face interactions with homeless young people.

  • Please pray specifically that Outreach staff/volunteers would have the wisdom and grace to know how to build trust with the young people they journey with.
  • Please also pray that the time they have invested would bear the fruit of stability and life-transformation for the over 450 homeless young people that Outreach has served so far this year.


  • Sunday meal: At the beginning of a family or community meal, please pray for the above items.
  • Small group: During your weekly small group time, please pray for the above items.
  • In your car: On the way to or from work, please pray for the above items.


Outreach is in great need of bottled water. If you are going to the grocery store today or this week, we invite you to pick up a couple of cases of bottled water and drop it off at the Outreach Program Center. Please feel free to order online and have it delivered to Outreach as well. Here is the address to deliver the water:

Delivery Address

2416 East New York St, Indianapolis, IN 46201

You can also donate and Outreach will pick up the water for you. Donate here: Please state ‘WATER’ in comment field.


Mike Elliott, Director of Development for any further information or direction.

C: 317-600-9561 E:

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