Surprises over 20 years…

There have been many surprises over the last 20 years…some good, some bad and some indifferent. Discovering that there are thousands of homeless students in high schools was one of those surprises. Outreach has served in IPS, Pike Township and other Indianapolis high schools for over a decade through the G.O.A.L program (Graduation, Occupation, Address and Lifestyle).

Yesterday, Outreach’s G.O.A.L staff hosted social workers from the high schools they serve for a Hawaiian themed lunch at the Outreach house. These remarkable social workers have incredibly difficult and demanding roles. The G.O.A.L staff works very closely with and relies greatly on the social workers in the schools they serve in. The lunch allowed the G.O.A.L staff to thank them and celebrate the school year that has just come to an end. This group is full of unsung heroes who are deserving of high praise for all that they sacrifice all year long!

Thank you!

You are invited to come and celebrate 20 years of transformation and some of the surprises along the way!

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