The Difference Each of Us Can Make

It is rare to get the real life exposure to homelessness that Outreach gives its volunteers.  What a wonderful opportunity to learn just how many youth are affected and how much of a difference each volunteer can make just by being a constant presence in the youth’s life.”  These are the words of Lynn Wheeler.  Lynn is a Manager/Realtor at FC Tucker and volunteers at our Friday morning drop in.   

Lynn goes on to say “I love the feeling of knowing that each youth   has experienced a few moments of less worry, a full belly and a smile when they come to the drop in center.  The prayers that are poured over them, and support from all the services available at Outreach makes such a difference.” 

Lynn beautifully explains just how our volunteers are an integral piece of the life transformation that happens!  

We can all make a difference  in the lives of a homeless teen– in our own way!!! 

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