The Ups and Downs of a Homeless Student


B. has been a client with Outreach since October, 2014.  B. is an intelligent, vibrant, creative, outgoing and talkative young lady; but she has issues.  B. is subject to violent outburst and has a vicious temper.  B. attends Arsenal Technical H. S.  She has been a student of Tech since 2014-15.  B.’s story begins like this:

B. was the third child of four siblings at the time.  Her mother’s boyfriend was the disciplinarian.  On the night that changed the course of her life, they were all lined up to take a bath.  The oldest sister was being chastised for some reason by mom’s boyfriend. At the time B. was about 3 years old and oldest sister was four.   She had been whipped but was also put into scalding hot water and suffered third degree burns. As a result, B. and all of her siblings were placed in foster care.  B. was in foster care for about three years and eventually was adopted.  One would think this was ideal, however, B. was molested for ten years by her adoptive father.  B. finally found the courage to tell her secret and her adoptive father was prosecuted and sent to prison.  B. struggled with the guilt of being the person responsible for sending someone to prison.

B. began to act out of her pain and the rejection of her mom by fighting and rebelling against any rule or guidelines expected of her.  B. challenged every situation and every decision.  B. did not get a chance to know and visit with her siblings or her mother of birth.  B. began to get into trouble with the law and was sent to a facility for youth for fighting.  At the age of 16, B. spent two years there until she turned 18.  B. talks about the feelings of isolation, hopelessness and confusion when those steel doors were locked and she was forced to live in a facility for two years. B. found herself in conflict with other young ladies also incarcerated and those two years were a time filled with hurt, conflict, humiliation, depression and struggle.  B. was released when she turned 18 and for the first time went to live with her brother and sisters.  At this time B. has two younger sisters as well.  All of B.’s sibling’s names begin with the letter B.

Because of the plight of B.’s life, she is angry with mom, especially coming back into a situation that has changed very little.  B.’s mom continues to struggle with stability and being able to offer her a place of safety and security due to her own demons that she has not overcome.  Because of the conflict with mom, B. has moved from mom’s house to various other people she knows and association of the family.  B. finds herself in constant conflict with each of these people and oscillating back and forth amongst them, because of relational conflicts.

B. has been in a few relationships with males.  One account received suggested she was sleeping with a fourteen year old young man.  Her family member was concerned that she was in danger of being charged with sexual misconduct, which is a felony.  B. also emotionally attached herself to a young man that was from her past that was incarcerated, by attending his hearing and professing her loyalty and commitment to him. Recently, B. has been involved with a young man that appears to genuinely like her for who she is.  B. has been happier and is open about expressing their relationship.

Outreach, Inc is committed to walking with B. through this phase in her life, understanding nothing may change but willing to be present.  B. is currently a patient with Eskanazi Midtown Mental Health.  B. is willing to seek counseling and treatment and that is a big step.  Outreach, Inc has been a part of ensuring she makes her scheduled appointments, provide educational and relational support and resources that will meet her needs; spiritual, physical and emotional.  Our hopes are that she will be able to flourish and begin the difficult process of finding healing despite being born into a horrible situation in which she has no control.  Outreach’s core values are relationship, sustainability, and advocacy.  Outreach, Inc is dedicated to providing these values to our youth to bring hope and light to dark situations.

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