The Weather is Turning Colder

As we all run from place to place trying not to get wet in the (much needed) chilly rain this morning, please take a moment to say a prayer for all the homeless young men and women trying to stay warm and dry.

Every year as the weather turns colder and wetter, our youth start to search for shelter.  It could be an abandoned house, a laundry room or simply walking the aisles of a grocery store–any place is better than the cold!

There are approximately 29,000 homeless teens/young adults in Indiana.  This morning, we were able to give some of our city’s homeless teens a hot breakfast, dry clothes, a warm shower and some time to relax and laugh!

Thank you to all who help us provide for the young men and women we see each and every day!

Yes. I want to learn more about the ministry of Outreach.

Yes. I want to volunteer.

Yes. I want to offer a financial Gift of Hope.



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