What Can A Dollar Do?

Outreach Founder and CEO Eric Howard recently posted this on his personal page! This is a great example that you don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference!

“What does a dollar do? I am asked that question frequently. It might not do a whole lot by itself. However, when matched with others’ generosity, it can change a life. Between now and the end of the year we are looking for 100 people to make monthly commitments from $1 – $100: One person to make a $1 pledge, one person to make a $2 pledge, one person to make a $3 pledge, etc. That is one hundred slots to be filled. When you do the math, if we filled every slot, it is a little over $5,000 per month. That would pay for almost two fulltime case managers at Outreach. Your $1 plus some else’s $2 plus another person’s $17 starts to build. Would you consider a monthly pledge? Would you fill a spot between 1 and 100? We will update Facebook daily between now and Christmas as to which spots (which dollar amounts) have been pledged. Pick your favorite number and sign up to help homeless youth in Indianapolis this year! Please share this with your friends and challenge them to give…it is the Christmas gift that will give all year (and a great birthday present too!). You can click here to start.”

We have had commitments of $25, $30 and $50 already.   What Slot will you pick!?

Yes. I want to learn more about the ministry of Outreach.

Yes. I want to volunteer.

Yes. I want to offer a financial Gift of Hope.

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