“Why we partner with Outreach…”

For the last three years Nicky Blaine’s Cocktail Lounge and Windsor Jewelry have partner together to put on Cocktails and Crepes for a Cause. Each year Outreach has been the benefiting cause. Below is the reason why they choose to partner with Outreach…

Nickys-Logo-201304“After working downtown daily and seeing the growing number of homeless youth on the streets of Indy, we are so glad to partner with Outreach, Inc. They really make a difference to change lives. Outreach, Inc., is a perfect fit for us because we wanted a smaller organization to help these teens one-on-one,  and be more than a band aid. The Outreach Team really helps these kids get on the right track, helps them become independent and also offers so much emotional support.”

Julianne Robinson – Owner of Nicky Blaine’s Cocktail Lounge


WindorLogoIndyDTSince1919ColorBar.IllAs a business located downtown, near the Circle, we are keenly aware that sprinkled among the shoppers, tourists and business men and women, there are children and youth out there in desperate need of help. These kids are enduring many hardships, like struggling to find housing, wearing wet socks for weeks, or going without food all day.

Sometimes it’s difficult to filter out the kids that are just looking for a handout and recognize the ones who really need help and are hoping they can just make it to tomorrow.

By partnering with OUTREACH, Windsor Jewelry can be assured we are helping to make a big difference in these kids’ day, their month and their entire life. We know this organization is reaching into the streets and alleys of our downtown and giving these children and youth hope; and ensuring they will make it to tomorrow.

Windsor Jewelry

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